TWO is the second product offering from Tape Audio Co. At its heart is a unique and novel set of transistor distortion/gain circuits providing the best of both worlds: one Silicon, one Germanium. We used simple, discrete transistor gain topology in both sections to achieve a dynamic, special, and interesting drive pedal that covers a lot of ground. You can do light coloring of your tone, medium grit and bite, and searing distortion bordering on fuzz. The EQ is balanced, so despite having no tone controls, you'll find yourself focusing on the level of the three gain-based controls to dial in your sound. Demonstration videos from Demos In The Dark, Collector//Emitter, Megan Lippi, NoiseGenerator, and William John Bennett III. Demonstration from Andy Martin coming in June.

  • High quality 9v, regulated and filtered DC power supply required (2.1mm tip, center negative)
  • Pre controls the Germanium circuit output going into the Silicon circuit
  • Gain controls the color and character of the Silicon circuit
  • Master controls overall volume
  • NOS Carbon Comp resistors
  • NOS Philips, Sprague, GE capacitors (or similar)
  • NOS hand selected and auditioned Germanium transistor
  • Switchcraft and Lumberg jacks
  • NOS Germanium diodes
  • Solid machined aluminum knobs
  • Internal trim pots for bias and clipping diode level on Germanium section of the circuit
Tape Audio Co. TWO


  • 1 lb
  • Limited Availability
  • Ships in about 2 weeks1